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SYSTRAN Innovates in Real-Time Speech Translation Applications Powered by Nuance Technology | PRWeb
AI PARIS 2018: SYSTRAN & PERTIMM win the technology award with their multilingual, healthcare virtual agent
Multilingual AI: SYSTRAN Introduces SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server, a New Generation of Machine Translation Solution for Businesses
SYSTRAN celebrates its golden anniversary as a machine translation company by looking back at their most memorable milestones
SYSTRAN at Manusec, February 7th to 9th, in Munich
SYSTRAN Launches Anonymizer for eDiscovery at Relativity Fest 2017
SYSTRAN Launches Podcast Exploring How Language Impacts Business & Government
How SYSTRAN Has Advanced Open Source Translation
SYSTRAN to Discuss Pure Neural Machine Translation Technology for eDiscovery at Legaltech West 2017
SYSTRAN to Offer Demonstrations of Pure Neural Machine Translation at Compliance Week 2017
SYSTRAN to Hold Private Demos of Pure Neural Machine Translation at Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo
SYSTRAN to Host Private Viewings of Pure Neural Machine Translation Technology at FIBA AML Compliance Conference
SYSTRAN to Hold Private Viewings of Pure Neural Machine Translation Technology for eDiscovery Translation at Legaltech 2017
SYSTRAN Pure Neural™ Machine Translation: first positive customer feedback! Applications available early 2017
SYSTRAN to Showcase Neural Machine Translation Technology at InnoXcell
SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Ing3nious’ SoCal E-Discovery & Information Governance Retreat
SYSTRAN to Present on Neural Machine Translation at Association for Machine Translation in America Conference
SYSTRAN: 1st software provider to launch a Neural Machine Translation engine in more than 30 languages
SYSTRAN Demos Two New Integrations for Relativity at Relativity Fest 2016
SYSTRAN announces the launch of its “Purely Neural MT” engine, a revolution for the machine translation market
SYSTRAN and Petit Futé, rewarded at the Digital Innovation Challenge for their Ready2go project
SYSTRAN technology embedded in the new iTranslate app, the mobile translation market leader
VOCAPIA and SYSTRAN demonstrate an automated speech translation solution at EUROSATORY 2016
SYSTRAN launches SYSTRAN 8 Translator, the new translation software for desktops
SYSTRAN launches – an API Platform for Easy Development of Multilingual Applications
IRIS und SYSTRAN unterzeichnen OEM-Vertrag zur Eingliederung des IRIS OCR in die Übersetzungstools von SYSTRAN
SYSTRAN showcases new language service APIs to build ground-breaking apps at Mobile World Congress 2016
SYSTRAN Signs License Agreement with Kingsoft, China’s Largest Office Software Company
FIC 2016: SYSTRAN to present powerful language technologies that preserve data security
Sinequa and SYSTRAN Join Forces to Exhibit at Milipol, the 19th Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security
SYSTRAN and VOCAPIA join together to present an integrated solution for Intelligence at the Milipol exhibition in Paris
SYSTRAN bringt ein neues Angebot für international tätige KMU auf den Markt
At GITEX 2015, SYSTRAN will showcase its solutions to improve international collaboration in a secure environment
Jean Senellart ist der neue CEO von SYSTRAN SA
Verteidigung und Sicherheit: Sinequa und SYSTRAN kooperieren bei der Analyse und mehrsprachigen Verarbeitung von Big Data
SYSTRAN verleiht Gold-Partner-Zertifizierung an CSF Computer Solutions Facility AG
Expert System and SYSTRAN: Semantic Technology for Multilingual Big Data
SYSTRAN bringt den SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 auf den Markt und bietet gleichzeitig ein „Linguistic Development Kit“
SYSTRAN has launched a Certified Partner Program and granted a Gold Partner certification to ISE
DOCOMO, SYSTRAN and FueTrek Form Joint Venture to Develop Translation Services
Für die Sicherheit von Echtzeit-Übersetzungen und zur Verbesserung der unternehmensinternen Kommunikation entscheidet sich Boehringer Ingelheim für die Lösungen von SYSTRAN
SYSTRAN partners with TAUS to offer post-editing course and Dynamic Quality Framework
SYSTRAN unterstützt Mehrsprachigkeit und Frankophonie an der Seite der Universität Stendhal Grenoble
Übernahmeangebot durch CSLI
SYSTRAN’s answer to CSLI tender offer
CSLI acquires a controlling stake in SYSTRAN
Required authorizations granted for the acquisition of a controlling stake in SYSTRAN by CSLI
SYSTRAN launches its new corporate website featuring solution-based translation systems
At Mobile World Congress 2014, SYSTRAN will showcase its new linguistic technologies for mobile apps
Vereinbarung zwischen dem SYSTRAN-Management und den Hauptaktionären von CSLI über den Erwerb von 35,79 % des SYSTRAN-Stammkapitals.
Das Management und die Hauptaktionäre von SYSTRAN treten mit CSLI in exklusive Verhandlungen zur Akquisition von 35,79 % des Stammkapitals von SYSTRAN.
SYSTRAN war vom 2. bis 4. Dez. 2013 mit FrenchTechTour in Japan
Dassault Falcon Service deploys SYSTRAN’s translation tools in its workshops
SYSTRAN wins LT-Innovate Award 2013 for SYSTRANLinks
The Court of Justice sets aside the judgment in Case C-103/11P Commission v SYSTRAN SA and SYSTRAN Luxembourg SA
Public audience in Case C-103/11P – Commission v SYSTRAN SA and SYSTRAN Luxembourg SA
SYSTRAN Launches SYSTRANLinks – Simplifies website localization
Advocate General’s Opinion in Case C-103/11P Commission v SYSTRAN SA and SYSTRAN Luxembourg SA
Dispute with the European Commission
European Commision has brought an appeal before the Court of Justice
SYSTRAN translation software trained on the Acquis Communautaire corpus achieves excellent translation quality for European Union legal documents
SYSTRAN wins its case against the European Commission
SYSTRAN Introduces Desktop 7 Product Suite
SYSTRAN Mobile powers iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices with real-time translation
SYSTRAN Introduces Enterprise Training Server
SYSTRAN Achieves High Quality Translation with Hybrid MT Engine Trained on the European Commission’s Acquis Communautaire Multilingual Corpus
SYSTRAN joins BBN Consortium
SRI International and SYSTRAN Announce Licensing Agreement for SRI’s Language Modeling Toolkit
SYSTRAN Sponsors Machine Translation Summit XII
SYSTRAN Introduces hybrid machine translation solution for enterprises
SYSTRAN offers online translation service for social media feeds
SYSTRAN awarded a first place ranking for translation quality at WMT competition
SYSTRAN launches Entreprise Server 6 solution
Avon and Somerset Police Improve Community Liaison Practices with SYSTRAN translations
Idiom Technologies and SYSTRAN Partner to Deliver a One-Stop Solution for Corporations
SYSTRAN Introduces SYSTRAN 6 Desktop Products to the World as Microsoft Launches Windows Vista
Decision of the European Ombudsman concerning SYSTRAN’s complaint 2601/2005/(ELB)ID against the European Commission
Distribution Agreement Expands Reach of SYSTRAN’s Market Leading Translation Software
SYSTRAN Wins Award from the European Information Society Technologies for Innovative Language Translation Software
PricewaterhouseCoopers and SYSTRAN Combine to Add Multilingual Technologies to XBRL Financial Reporting Format
Oracle teams with SYSTRAN to provide Machine Translation Services to
SYSTRAN’s translation technology to provide web translation to AOL and Compuserver users
SYSTRAN and Oraclemobile.Com Translate Their Way Into The Wireless World

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