SYSTRAN Introduces hybrid machine translation solution for enterprises

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 enables enterprises to achieve publishable translation quality and provides an unprecedented ability to manage and reuse multilingual content

PARIS, FRANCE and SAN DIEGO, CA – June 3, 2009
SYSTRAN, the leading provider of language translation technologies, today announced the release of SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7, the company’s first hybrid machine translation (MT) server designed for enterprise use. Based on a combination of self-learning and linguistic technologies, SYSTRAN 7 delivers highly consistent quality translations that meet corporate customer requirements.

Machine translation products have traditionally either been based on rules or statistical models. With the introduction of its hybrid MT product, SYSTRAN has delivered a solution that brings together the strengths of these two approaches. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 combines the predictability and language consistency of rule-based machine translation with the fluency of statistical MT. Additionally, SYSTRAN’s hybrid MT server delivers the same high level of performance that has been valued by its enterprise customers for many years.

“In today’s increasingly interconnected world, organizations that use translation technology have a distinct advantage over competitors”, said Dimitris Sabatakakis, CEO of SYSTRAN. “SYSTRAN’s hybrid MT can save companies a considerable amount of time and money, as well as making it possible for them to communicate more effectively with customers, partners and employees around the world.”

SYSTRAN, which has been in the translation technology business since 1968, provides enterprise translation products that allow its customers to customize programs to fit their needs. By using a variety of modules and tools, SYSTRAN customers have an unprecedented ability to manage data and reuse translated content, as well as create domain specific terminology. In other words, SYSTRAN customers have a server that is trained for their specific objectives.

Organizations with continuous or high volume translation needs can leverage SYSTRAN’s unique customization capabilities to fit the terminology of their enterprise and market.

SYSTRAN’s exclusive customization methodology includes the creation of dictionaries and the building of translation models from translated content. These tools supplement the out-of-the-box translation capabilities provided by SYSTRAN for 52 language pairs. By improving the quality of company specific domains, SYSTRAN users are better positioned to achieve critical business objectives.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server has traditionally been deployed on corporate intranets as a solution for multilingual collaboration to help employees understand foreign language information such as emails, web pages, presentations and corporate documentation. SYSTRAN’s new hybrid MT engine enables enterprise customers to expand MT use for publishing. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 offers reuse of validated translations through global content management workflows which allow users to easily create and manage multilingual content.

SYSTRAN is smart and measurable software

SYSTRAN’s latest generation of products not only automates the translation process, it acquires knowledge as it is used.

By combining the latest linguistic and statistical techniques, SYSTRAN “learns” how words and phrases should be translated for specific domains based on existing human translations. As the data is re-used it gets “smarter” and updates itself. This enables SYSTRAN users to achieve publishable translation quality and, most importantly, keep pace with changes in requirements and business conditions.

In addition to being smarter, faster and more flexible than other translation products, SYSTRAN allows businesses to measure their productivity gains. Companies can customize the software to set metrics for success in order to ensure they are achieving corporate objectives.

SYSTRAN delivers the highest translation speed available for machine translation solutions, as well as the largest breadth of machine translation software products in the market. Scalable, open and robust, SYSTRAN solutions use standard APIs, support universal file formats and are easy to integrate with third-party applications.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 integrates with other enterprise applications to improve business practices such as content management, customer support, eCommerce, and business intelligence. A common repository centralizes and stores all terminology databases enabling the creation of a common corporate language. With its ability to easily integrate into corporate publication and localization workflows, SYSTRAN is fast emerging as an essential productivity tool for professional translators.


SYSTRAN is the market leading provider of language translation software products and solutions for the desktop, enterprise and Internet that facilitate communication in 52 language combinations and in 20 vertical domains.

With over four decades of expertise and research and development, SYSTRAN’s software is the choice of leading global corporations, portals including AltaVista, Yahoo!, and Apple, and public agencies like the US Intelligence Community and the European Commission.

Use of SYSTRAN products and solutions enhance multilingual communication and increase user productivity and time-savings for B2E, B2B and B2C market segments as they deliver real-time language solutions for search, content management, online customer support, intra or inter company collaboration, and eCommerce.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Paris, France with a North American office located in San Diego, California, USA.

SYSTRAN (Code ISIN FR0004109197, Bloomberg: SYST NM, Reuters: SYTN.LN) is listed on EuroNext Paris, Compartiment C. For more information, visit


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